Oswego police officers now wearing body cameras

Dec 21, 2018

After two years of research and field testing, the Oswego Police Department is ready to implement body cameras into its operation.

Credit City of Oswego

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow says it was a priority he set out when he assumed office in 2016 after hearing several national stories about police aggression and brutality. Although Barlow says there have been no incidents during his tenure where the absence of these body cameras has presented an issue, he says it's important to have this technology to keep both police officers and city residents who encounter them safe.

"Knowing that the incident is being recorded, the context leading up to a situation or an incident is recorded - I just think it will help paint a better story on what really happens out on the streets when these situations come up," Barlow said.

Funding for the 31 cameras comes from the assets that the Oswego city police and Oswego County District Attorney's office have seized from drug busts. The entire department is expected to be trained and outfitted by the end of the year.

Officials in Syracuse and Utica have also implemented body cameras in their police departments.