Poll finds NYers bracing for COVID return this fall

Sep 3, 2020

A new poll finds New Yorkers are not optimistic about the fall, with the overwhelming majority saying they expect another COVID-19 outbreak in the coming months.

The rate of transmission of the virus in New York has been under 1% for over three weeks, but that has not calmed fears, according to the Siena College Research Institute survey.

Of those polled, 86% are bracing for another wave of the coronavirus this fall and winter. Siena’s Don Levy said nearly two-thirds are not comfortable with schools, colleges and universities fully reopening this fall, and many are worried about partial reopening.

“By no means does the general public feel as though we’ve gotten this under control,” said Levy.

Many New Yorkers say they are unlikely to engage in a lot of indoor activities as the weather cools. Over half say they are wary of eating indoors at a restaurant, having a drink at bar, watching a movie in a theater, working out at the gym or going bowling.

Eighty percent remain concerned that they or a family member will become ill.

Levy said there is some positive news in the survey: 51% say they have reconnected with family members or friends, 41% have begun a new hobby, 43% completed a home improvement project, and 13% have adopted a pet. But more say they have gained weight than have lost weight since the pandemic began, and nearly one-quarter say they are drinking more alcohol than they did before the shutdown.

Despite the worries and hardships related to the pandemic, the majority believe safety precautions are more important right now than fully reopening the economy, and three-quarters of those surveyed say they wear a mask when out in public.