SUNY Cortland innovating new teaching methods for Common Core

Nov 18, 2014

The new education standards known as Common Core have brought big changes to New York’s classrooms. And to meet the new standards, teachers often have to find new techniques.

So New York’s largest teacher education program is unveiling a center for innovative teaching methods, for Common Core classrooms and beyond.

The SUNY Cortland campus.
Credit State University of New York /

The Center of Innovation in Education at SUNY Cortland isn’t a new building. It’s more of a new concept. At the center, faculty, students and working teachers can take part in workshops and research. The goal is to study new classroom methods and connect aspiring teachers to the community. 

“It really is trying to integrate the faculty on our campus with teachers who are teaching in the field and also with our students here on campus who are studying to be teachers,” says SUNY Cortland School of Education Dean Andrea Lachance.

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