SUNY Oswego Media Summit brings industry leaders to campus to discuss digital revolution

Oct 16, 2014

Digital platforms are revolutionizing today's media. That was the topic for today's annual SUNY Oswego Media Summit held by SUNY Oswego.

The university brought in several stars of the media world, including author Ken Auletta and public broadcasting host and PBS and CBS This Morning anchor Charlie Rose. The media summit is meant to give broadcasting students at the university exposure to leaders in the field, as well as discuss issues of the day.

Rose says there are negatives to the digital revolution, like some of the impacts on the publishing industry, but remains largely positive about digital media.

Charlie Rose answers questions before SUNY Oswego's Media Summit.
Credit Gino Geruntino / WRVO News File Photo

"If, in fact, it is giving people who do what I do a bigger platform to communicate to more places with more ease, I'm in favor of it," Rose said.

Rose received an honorary degree from SUNY Oswego during his visit.

But the biggest excitement was reserved for Oswego alumnus and NBC weatherman Al Roker. Roker had some simple advice for broadcasting majors trying to break into a television career.

"It isn't even the TV industry anymore, it's media," Roker explained. "And I still would say try to get as broad an education as possible. Try to take as many different courses as possible. Learn as much as you can, know a little bit about a lot of things, and see where that takes you."

Roker notes that while Twitter, Facebook and other social media are important in today's fast-paced world, he's still a fan of reading and turning pages in a good old-fashioned book.

Roker broadcast his shows for NBC and The Weather Channel from the SUNY Oswego campus this morning.