Why WRVO? Our chief engineer shares his thoughts, technically

Mar 10, 2017

"I listen to WRVO as part of my job, monitoring the quality of the audio and transmitter coverage. We also use a variety of techniques to send audio from WRVO to the 10 repeater stations in our network, and each one must be checked regularly."

A day in the life of our chief engineer, Jeff Windsor, as he listens with a sensitive ear. But don't think he doesn't relax now and then to just enjoy the programs!

"I also listen to WRVO because I find the tone of the programs, newscasters and hosts to be level-headed and not sensational."

Sounds like reason enough to support your public radio station, no?

"Unlike commercial broadcasters, which survive because of advertising revenue, which is based on listeners supporting those advertisers, public broadcasting cuts out the middleman. When a WRVO listener sends a financial gift to WRVO it funds the station's programming. It's a wonderful system."

The most wonderful part of the system is that you can contribute to it. Donate online during our fundraiser or by calling (800) 341-3690 today.

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