Weekdays 10 a.m. to noon
  • Hosted by Joshua Johnson

Every day, host Joshua Johnson convenes a conversation about the most important issues of our time. "1A" takes a deep and unflinching look at America, bringing context and insight to stories unfolding across the country and the world.

On the show’s name, "1A," from Joshua Johnson:

“The show’s name has two meanings. First, 1A stands for the First Amendment: a collection of five freedoms (religion, speech, press, assembly, petition) that I suspect will be ever more prominently exercised in the near future. These freedoms are the backbone of our democracy. They ensure that we are able to engage with one another in civil, meaningful and effective ways when times get tough.

Second, 1A is what some newspapers call their front pages. Those are the kinds of stories we’ll be telling on this program, the stories that are gripping everyone’s attention and need to be demystified, as well as the ones that people can’t stop talking about but need to discuss more deeply. We’re not going to chase the latest trending topics for the sake of it -- there are already plenty of people doing that! -- but if we do, you can be sure it’ll be for a good, smart reason.”