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Q is an energetic daily arts, culture and entertainment magazine that takes you on a smart and surprising ride, interviewing personalities and tackling the cultural issues that matter.

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Q covers pop culture and high arts alike with forays into the most provocative and compelling cultural trends.

From music icons like Van Morrison and Neil Young; smart conversations with everyone from Al Gore to Barbara Walters; CNN operas; to the branding of politicians... Q brings you big names, big ideas, and those paving the way on the cultural landscape.

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The new "q" debuts on WRVO

Oct 24, 2016

Check out the 5 things to know about the new q.

This week, the CBC debuts the new version of "q," the arts, culture and entertainment magazine heard each weekday at 1 p.m. and 9 p.m. on WRVO. The new q brings us deeper insights into the artists and storiesĀ  you already know, and introduces you to the ones that haven't yet hit your radar. Whether it's film, TV, books, music, theater, music, comedy, visual or performing art, q will be there.

Earlier this year, NPR announced it would end production of Tell Me More with Michel Martin. Currently heard each Monday through Friday at 1 p.m. on WRVO, the last episode of Tell Me More will air on Friday, August 1.