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Congressional Candidates Discuss Energy Crisis

By Jason Smith

Oswego, NY – Competing candidates for the New York 25th Congressional district have different views on the best approach to dealing with high gas prices. Republican Dale Sweetland welcomed President Bush's effort to end the ban on offshore oil drilling. Democrat Dan Maffei supports an all-out national effort to end high consumption of fossil fuels.

"I'm glad that the president [is seeking to end the ban on offshore drilling]. I wish he'd gone a bit further," Sweetland said.

"There is a four-pronged approach to our energy crisis. It's oil drilling, tapping our own resources, encouraging alternative and renewable energy, conservation, and lower taxes," he added.

Maffei proposed a major national program to decrease use of fossil fuels. "We need to set up an Apollo-like program that will unite our country in getting off our addiction to fossil fuels. We can do it as a country is that's what we focus on," he said.

The 25th Congressional district race in New York is without an incumbent following current Representative Jim Walsh's announcement of his retirement after 20 years in office.