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Election Day Is Judgement Day for Lawmakers

By Jasmyn Belcher

Oswego, NY – Unshackle Upstate is calling on all New Yorkers to hold lawmakers accountable for the state's poor financial condition.

The pro-business group has declared Election Day in November as "Judgement Day" for elected officials.

Unshackle Upstate is planning to maintain a scorecard that they said serves as a primer for the election. The scorecard will be updated with information on how each legislator votes on pro-taxpayer and job creator legislation, as well as this year's budget.

Brian Sampson is the Executive Director of Unshackle Upstate. He said taxpayers must demand more from elected officials.

"November 2nd is the day that all of us have the opportunity to enact our version of term limits, by voting for people that believe in us, that believe in our economy, and want to be partners in the recovery of the state of New York. Judgement Day is when we go to the polls and send a very clear message to each and every state legislator that scored poorly on our score card that this is our state, and we will be taking it back," said Sampson.

Sampson said Unshackle Upstate is looking at races to identify "bad actors" in the legislative process and where challengers exist. He said scorecard data won't likely be released until after this legislative session.