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President Obama Pushes to Pass Health Care Bill

By Ryan Morden

Oswego, NY – President Obama is trying to pressure congress to get a health care overhaul bill passed within the coming weeks.

However Uitca area Congressman Mike Arcuri said he may vote against it. Arcuri said he does not like parts of the senate version, like a lack of a public option.

He is in favor of voting of health care piece by piece instead of one big bill.

"I think it would take us a little longer to do it piece by piece but I think the trade off of taking a little longer is having the ability to gain the confidence of the people who are going to be affected," said Arcuri.

President Obama is opposed to passing several small bills instead of one comprehensive bill, saying that the issues are intertwined.

Arcuri thinks more progress could be made if congress passed health care overhaul bit by bit.