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Republican Wilson Running For State Comptroller

By Dave Bullard

Oswego, NY – Harry Wilson wants the next state comptroller to take more of a leadership role in managing the state's money.

So far, Wilson is the only Republican running for the job. The current comptroller is Democrat Tom DiNapoli.

Wilson believes that it's not good that the state's fiscal watchdog, its Comptroller, comes from the same political party as the governor.

"Americans know and strongly believe in a two party system that one party can be a check on the other, no matter which party they personally belong to. What we're missing in Albany right now is we've created a culture of one party rule with very little supervised oversight of each other. I think having an independent guy who is not a partisan, but can come in and really focus on protecting the taxpayer and being an oversight in a check and balance on the rest of the system is very healthy for the state," said Wilson.

According to Wilson, the current comptroller is not asserting himself enough during the state's fiscal crisis.

Wilson spoke during an appearance Thursday, April 8th in Fulton.