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Howie Hawkins Planning to Run for Governor

By Jasmyn Belcher

Oswego, NY – Syracuse-area activists Howie Hawkins is planning to run for governor.

Hawkins has yet to formally announce his intentions to run as a Green Party candidate but he plans to make it official within the next two weeks.

Hawkins has run 17 times for federal, state and local offices. He calls a run for governor a long shot.

"I hope to raise $100,000 and will be running against Democrats and Republicans who may have up to $100 million," said Hawkins, "But our goal, is first of all, to get a ballot line. We get 50,000 votes for governor and we get an automatic ballot line, which means our people can run for local offices all over the state with a much easier petitioning requirement."

Hawkins said the Green Party needs 50,000 votes for governor to get ballot status. He said that would put Greens in a better place to raise issues and get into positions of responsibility at the local level.