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Heathcare Overhaul Restrictions on Abortion

By Jasmyn Belcher

Oswego, NY – Reproductive rights groups are praising national healthcare overhaul despite some restrictions it puts on abortion.

The current healthcare bill includes changes such as requiring women to sign up and pay separately for abortion coverage. Groups like Family Planning Advocates of New York State are trying to prevent these restrictions before they take effect in 2014.

Family Planning Advocates' Carol Blowers said on the Capitol Pressroom that she is hopeful lawmakers will pass the Reproductive Health Act.

"The Reproductive Health Act is actually an attempt to make sure New York State's laws are modernized and reflect what has been the current practice over the last 37 years since Roe [Roe v. Wade] and so while we were very active in the healthcare reform we also know that with some of the restrictions, we need to ensure that New York state's women will have continued access to the healthcare they have been used to over the last 37 years," said Blowers.

While reproductive rights groups are opposed to the restrictions, they say preventative care that comes with healthcare overhaul will benefit women who were previously under or uninsured.