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Southern Tier Town Clerk quits over same sex marriage; Cuomo: "The law is the law."

By Staff report


NEW YORK CITY – Governor Cuomo says he "understands" the point of view of opponents of gay marriage who plan to protest during New York's first same sex marriages later this month, but he says publically elected officials who refuse to okay the ceremonies are likely not going to be able to stay in their jobs.

At least one town clerk, in the Binghamton area, has announced she would quit her job rather than approve paperwork for same sex marriages, Cuomo says public officials are expected to uphold the law.

"If you're saying you're going to act through your religious beliefs rather than the law of the state, then you operate in a position where you're supposed to be enforcing the laws," Cuomo said.

Cuomo, asked about planned protests of same sex marriages when they begin in New York on July 24th, says he understands the opposition's point of view, and their religious position, but says he's "comfortable" with the new gay marriage law, and believes it's a matter of "equality and anti discrimination".

You can hear Governor Cuomo's response to a reporter in New York City on Tuesday asking about the clerk's resignation by clicking on the audio player.