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Village of Seneca Falls no longer a village

It's officially 2012, which means the Village of Seneca Falls no longer exists. They've officially dissolved into the town, which means a new financial dynamic, and for some residents, a new financial burden.

Former village residents will save on property taxes. But some, like Sylvester Campese , who was on the village board for over ten years, think other costs will wipe out those savings.

"I feel it's a big mistake," Campese said. "I think the people were led to believe that they were going to save all this money, and truly maybe the first year but after that, we're already seeing the town board's going to raise the water rates and everything else."

And as for the town that absorbed the village?

"The town is against it, townspeople are against it. They had no vote, they had no say, and they're very upset," he said.

And for those who have lived in the village all their lives, Campese said the village loses its identity and its history.

"They've sold the people a bill of goods that it was supposed to be better, but if you look at it the village loses really it's identity, it's hundred year old identity, and a lot of people really didn't like that. "

The town's new size, though, may give it more of a say on issues on the state and county levels.