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Central New York students rally in support of Florida teen killed last month

As investigations continue in the Trayvon Martin case, last night marked the first of a number of protests and rallies planned in the city of Syracuse. About 200 Syracuse University students and faculty gathered on the main quad to protest the killing of the Florida teen. 

Keneshia Grant, a PhD candidate in political science, says the issue is especially relevant at SU. In response to petty crimes that occur near campus, SU's Department of Public Safety regularly issues press releases to students to describe the incident and suspect. 

"The descriptions are generally vague. It's a black man, wearing a hoodie... all of the black males on campus fit that description," Grant said. 

18-year-old S-U student, Ronald Taylor says the story hit home for him because he and Trayvon were the same age at the time of the shooting. 

“If we don’t change it, what are my kids going to see? What are their kids going to see? Why is it now, 50 years after the civil rights era began, we’re talking about the same exact issues as if nothing happened?”

Students at the rally said they hope raising awareness will open a dialog on race relations in America. More rallys are scheduled for this week in Syracuse. The Occupy Syracuse group will march Tuesday at 6:30pm and on Friday at 7:00pm.