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Wind as loud as a train causes only minor damage to Little Sodus Bay

Bob and Allyson Malo were out Tuesday morning walking around their street along Little Sodus Bay in Cayuga County checking their neighbor's cottages for damage.

"Just minor," Bob Malo reported. "A little piece of siding off here, a roof shingle over there."

Most of the cottages were empty this late in the fall, but Allyson spent the night in their home on the opposite side of the street.

The wind picked up late yesterday afternoon and whipped up large waves in the bay, she said.

"You could have surfed out here on the bay and you'd never see that," she described. "You see a few whitecaps or something, but nothing like what was rolling across the bay."

The winds continued late into the night.

"It was like sitting in the middle of a railroad yard with the trains constantly roaring around you. Winds were wicked," Allyson said.

Despite the loud winds, the Malo's say their power only went out briefly.

They were "really, really lucky," Bob said, considering how close to Lake Ontario they lived.

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Closer to town, Lenny Hadcock was slightly less lucky.

A 100 year-old tree came down in his front yard, but it missed his house by about 30 yards.

Hadcock was out Tuesday piling up branches. Cleanup will take him a few days because he only owns a small chainsaw, he said.

It could have been much worse though, and he said he's thankful about that.

"If the angle had been a little different, it could have caught the house. Or if it had been one of the neighboring trees, it could have," Hadcock said. "But, I guess we were lucky."

At least he'll have plenty of firewood for the next two winters, he said.