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DiNapoli returns unclaimed funds to rightful owners


It was kind of like the lottery at the New York State Comptroller's booth at the New York State Fair in Syracuse today.  Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli gave out $40,000 worth of checks to central New Yorkers out of the state's unclaimed fund account.

"The largest one was for a library in Madison County for $13,000.  We had $12,000 for an individual.  So it's real money.  Most of the recoveries are 50 to 100 dollars, but can be in the thousands of dollars," said DiNapoli.

These unclaimed funds come from forgotten checks or bonds or bank accounts. The state is holding on to more than $40 million total  

"The state fair, because there's so many people here, is a great way to get the word out that there is real money available," said DiNapoli

People can find out if they are due any of those unclaimed funds at the comptroller's booth at the fair, or can go online to the New York state comptroller's website and click on the "unclaimed funds" link.