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Community activists call for proactive response to Ferguson decision

Ryan Delaney
Protesters in downtown Syracuse Tuesday upset with the grand jury decision not to indict the officer involved in killing Michael Brown in Furgunson, Missouri.

Syracuse activists want events in Ferguson, Missouri to lead to more dialogue and understanding between the community and law enforcement.

They renewed those calls Tuesday afternoon with a few chants of "No justice, no peace" downtown.

It was a much more restrained affair in Syracuse than the destructive protests outside St. Louis, Missouri Monday and Tuesday.

About two dozen people stood on a street corner calling for community action. They were upset the white police officer involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown, an African-American, is not being charged.

Community organizer Simangaliso Smith says people shouldn’t wait for the next Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. "It’s time to be proactive and build networks and policies that protect us. And it starts in our communities," she said.

Smith and others are urging residents to attend scheduled meetings with police officials organized by city clergy members.

"It has to bottle up," said Walt Dixie, another community activist. "You can’t say, 'let everything just go away and this never happened.' There has to be type of acknowledgement."

It’s important for everyone to feel fairness in the system," said Dixie. 

"When you have a system that there’s a perception of corruption and not accountability, then you get what you get," he said.