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Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks about father Mario Cuomo's love of Fort Drum

Karen Dewitt

After Gov. Andrew Cuomo participated in Monday's homecoming ceremony at Fort Drum, he was asked by a reporter about his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo and the work he did with Fort Drum while he was in office.

Former Gov. Mario Cuomo has reportedly been hospitalized for several weeks because of a heart condition, and his son has not spoken much in public about his father's health.

The current governor said he and one of his daughters visited his father Sunday night and told him the 82 year-old he would be visiting Fort Drum the next day.

"And he lit up. And his eyes were beaming and he started telling stories about Fort Drum to my daughter -- all the times he was there, how important Fort Drum was, how excited he was about the progress at Fort Drum,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo said he told his father about far Fort Drum has come in recent years, with issues like housing. And he said his father was very pleased with the progress that has been made.

“I told him about the connector road that we just finished, which is a very big deal. He said it was his idea in the first place. So he immediately claimed credit in front of my daughter, and I was pleased to give it to him."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that it’s important to him that he is completing projects that are near and dear to his father’s heart. Mario Cuomo was last seen publicly on election night when his son won re-election.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was at the post as Fort Drum welcomed home the last troops from Afghanistan.