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Hudson announces run for Syracuse council president

Ellen Abbott
Syracuse Common Councilor Helen Hudson announced her run for council president Tuesday

There are going to be several changes in Syracuse City Hall next year. Because of term limit legislation, there will be a new mayor, and a new common council president.  But the next council president could be a familiar face in council chambers.

At-large councilor Helen Hudson announced Tuesday that she wants to run for the seat of council president.

“I am doing this because where people see a ceremonial role, I see an opportunity for action,” said Hudson.

According to the city charter, the president is a non-voting member of council, whose major duties include running meetings and appointing committees. The current council president, Van Robinson, cannot run for that seat again because of term limits. Hudson says she sees the council president taking a more active role in getting people to work together on the issues that face the city.

“I will bring councilors and the new mayor, and yes we have a new mayor, together to ensure that our whole community benefits from development projects, to ensure that our young voices are heard and not drowned out, and to make sure that our streets are safe again.”

Hudson has been on council for six years, and is in the midst of a second four-year at-large term. She can't run again for that seat because of term limits.  She’s well known in several circles, from being the co-founder of Mothers Against Gun Violence, to one of the leaders of a task force that’s addressing poverty in Syracuse. Hudson believes she has the talent to bring disparate parts of the city together for a common cause.

“I mean, I’m a little girl for the southside, yay. But I can walk into any area in any room, and it is a gift to be able to cross all sections of the city, and I can do that,” she said.