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As It Happens
Weekdays at 7 p.m.

Listening to "As It Happens" is like taking a trip around the world five nights a week. For more than 35 years, using the simplest of tools - the telephone - this current affairs program has explored the heart of a story, whether it's happening in the streets of Belgrade, the dockyards of Vancouver, the boardrooms of Bay Street, or the kitchens of Paris.

"As It Happens" gets its stories from "the horse's mouth" - securing interviews with world leaders, rabble-rousers, bingo callers and deposed dictators. The show has a soft spot for "characters" and never turns its nose up at something wild, weird or wacky. And, on the complex and troubling stories of the day, "As It Happens" searches for a greater understanding of the story behind the story.

For more information about this program, visit the As It Happens website.

  • September 28: Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst
    Hurricane Ian, UK Economy, Torres Strait Islanders, Sound of the Day: Lizzo Madison Flute, Virginia Trans Walkout, Listener Response: Lobster Trouble and more.
  • September 27: Motley coup
    Denver Riggleman, Grace Bay Resto Giveaway, Squirrel Rescue, NDP Grocery Profits, SOD: Dart Asteroid Hit, CIA Museum and more.
  • September 26: Hanging on for dear life
    Fiona Survivor, Fiona Aftermath, Trombone Champ, Quebec Indigenous Healthcare Training, Carol Check-In, Quebec Edibles and more.
  • September 23: The surprising calm before the storm
    Hurricane Fiona: Inverness, Hurricane Fiona: Wedding, Ukraine/Russia Swap, Hilary Mantel Obit, Georgian Russian Influx, AIH Postcards and more.
  • September 22: Hitting close to home
    Russia Anti-War, Asteroid Mission, Masculinity Panic, Newfoundland Herald, Ukraine Referendum, Pakistan Disease, Marineland Lawsuit and more.
  • September 21: Tapping reserves -- and reservations
    Russian Reaction, ON Coyotes, MTL Wrestler Teacher, Guinea Pig Awareness, Pandemic Aid Fraud, How Many Ants? and more.
  • September 20: Reality check
    Chess Controversy, Iran Protests, Science Titles, Scrunchie Inventor Obit, Taliban Prisoner Swap, Richie Weeks and more.
  • September 19: Struggling to keep their heads above water
    Puerto Rico Hurricane, Queen Funeral: Natan Obed, London Food Bank, Wig Gang, Russian War Sentiment, Ukraine: Analysis and more.
  • September 16: Their pain, his gain
    Martha's Vineyard migrants, Quebec waiting room times, Uyghur novel translated, Ontario goat found, Ferris Bueller's Day Off...and more.
  • September 15: Sins of Omission
    Child welfare deal, Russian oil oligarchs deaths, the Queue, Trump and Greenland, the potential end of the pandemic, Oregon new wolves...and more.
  • September 14: Deserted Island
    Fogo Island doctor, the Queen's bees, unusual Queen memorials, Shanghai University lockdown, microwave lobster, Mud Lake relocation...and more.
  • September 13: Saving Face
    Ukraine's counterattack, Pakistan flooding, Minnesota nurses strike, AIH postcards, Thomas Carney obit, a robotic owl returned...and more.