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HealthLink on Air
Sundays at 6 a.m.

“HealthLink on Air” is a 60-minute program produced since 2006 by Upstate Medical University, the academic medical center in Syracuse, NY.

“HealthLink on Air” provides a weekly dose of information on health and medical issues affecting central New Yorkers. The program showcases health professionals and researchers from Upstate Medical University, Upstate University Hospital, the central New York community and those visiting the region who are involved with health care issues and events. The interviews are permanently archived online.

For more information, visit the HealthLink on Air website.

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  • Dr. Prateek Wali explains dramatic improvements in recovery rates for children with inflammatory bowel diseases. Director of emergency management Chris Dunham tells about Upstate University Hospital's disaster preparedness. Dr. Krithika Ramachandran answers what makes pulmonary hypertension dangerous.
  • Pediatric infectious disease specialist Jana Shaw, MD, explains new concerns about measles. Social worker Lauren Angelone tells about her focus on caregivers. Breast surgeon Lisa Lai, MD, discusses when mastectomy may help reduce breast cancer risk.
  • Geriatrics chief Dr. Sharon Brangman talks about caring for aging parents. Scientist Joel Wilmore explains the importance of his research of the microbiome.
  • Physical therapist Michele Dolphin, DPT, and her student Nicole Harry share research on Achilles tendon injuries in ballet dancers. Pathologist Rohin Mehta, MD, and his student Alexandra Tatarian talk about pathologist-patient consults, Neuroradiologist Hesham Masoud, MD, tells what's important to consider before visiting a marijuana dispensary.
  • Microbiologist and researcher Saravanan Thangamani, PhD, explains the dangers of ticks that carry multiple disease-causing agents. Neurologist Ioana Medrea, MD, tells how cluster headaches are diagnosed and treated. Vascular surgeon Palma Shaw, MD, describes her hospital role and a podcast she cohosts called "Sisterhood in Surgery."
  • Pediatrician Jenica O'Malley discusses the recent updates to developmental milestones for babies and children. Oncologist Merima Ramovic explains how checkpoint inhibitors treat cancer. And Upstate chaplain Brigid Dunn shares how Schwartz Rounds help health care providers stay connected.
  • Audiologist Erin Bagley, AuD, tells about cochlear implants to improve hearing difficulties. Pulmonologist Krithika Ramachandran, MBBS, describes pulmonary hypertension and how it differs from the more common, or systemic, hypertension. Microbiologist and researcher Saravanan Thangamani, PhD, looks at how big a problem ticks are likely to be this winter and spring.
  • Exercise physiologist Carol Sames explains the role exercise may have in staving off dementia. Registered nurse Susan Tiffany discusses cancer survivorship and what it entails, practically and emotionally. Stroke program coordinator Michelle Vallelunga goes over stroke risks for women that may differ from those for men.
  • Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Sherard Tatum tells about his medical mission trip to Ukraine. Orthopedic surgeon Zachary Vredenburgh explains how to care for aging knees. Scientist Adam Waickman discusses how people can volunteer for his research into dengue virus.
  • Upstate social workers Rubina Dhillon and Renee Gregg talk about steering people away from street violence. Kornelia Polyak, MD, Ph.D., from Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, gives an overview of breast cancer and shares insights from her research. And Upstate ophthalmologist Mark Breazzano, MD, explains how to protect your eyes from blue light.