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HealthLink on Air
Sundays at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

“HealthLink on Air” is a 60-minute program produced since 2006 by Upstate Medical University, the academic medical center in Syracuse, NY.

“HealthLink on Air” provides a weekly dose of information on health and medical issues affecting central New Yorkers. The program showcases health professionals and researchers from Upstate Medical University, Upstate University Hospital, the central New York community and those visiting the region who are involved with health care issues and events. The interviews are permanently archived online.

For more information, visit the HealthLink on Air website.

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  • This week on Healthlink on Air: Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Claudine Ward discusses brain fog and other symptoms that may linger after a person is infected with COVID-19. Pediatric nurse practitioner Davia Moss shares her personal story about breast cancer during pregnancy, along with her physician Dr. Jayne Charlamb.
  • This week on Healthlink on Air: Dr. Dana Savici, chief of pulmonary critical care at Upstate University Hospital, details how COVID-19 affects the lungs and how the disease is treated in hospital critical care units. Dr. Kris Paolino tells how people can volunteer for a clinical trial of a new yellow fever vaccine. Dr. Hesham Masoud explains how sleep apnea increases a person's risk for stroke.
  • Neurologist Karen Albright and pharmacist Danielle Delvecchio explain how genetics can influence how medications work, and how their new pharmacogenomics clinic can help patients. And doctors of physical therapy Rina Flatau and Maria Podbelski discuss balance disorders and dizziness and the role of vestibular therapy. Pediatric surgeon Mikki Kollisch tells how to prepare your child for surgery.
  • This week on Healthlink on Air, philosopher and bioethicist L. Syd Johnson addresses vaccine mandates and other ethical issues tied to the pandemic. Pediatricians Alicia Pekarsky and Erin Hanley tell how to create a safe sleep environment for your infant, and why sleeping with your baby can be so dangerous. And neuroscience professor Stephen Faraone explains what parents can do if they think their child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • This week on HealthLink on Air: Neuroscientists Stephen Glatt and Jonathan Hess go over their BrainGenie tool and how it is improving research into brain disorders including mental illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Katie Anderson provides practical advice about COVID-19 boosters, emerging variants and how much longer COVID-19 testing is likely to be a part of our lives. And, Dr. Kaushal Nanavati talks about how to spend a mental health day. Listen this Sunday, September 26 at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. for more.
  • This week on HealthLink on Air: Surgeon Joseph Valentino explains how inflammatory bowel disease is diagnosed and treated. Education specialist Nicky Ruszkowski tells about pre-exposure prophylaxis to reduce HIV transmission. And neurologist Shahram Izadyar goes over how surgery and neurostimulators can help adults with epilepsy. Listen this Sunday, September 19 at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. for more.
  • Dr. Kristopher Paolino discusses the tick-borne disease, anaplasmosis. Professor Christopher Morley tells about the popularity of public health professions during the pandemic. Rabbi Irvin Beigel shares his experiences in spiritual care.
  • Upstate psychiatrist Robert Gregory tells about a suicide prevention program that's now available to young teens. Upstate neurologist Shahram Izadyar gives an overview of epilepsy. Syracuse University epidemiologist Brittany Kmush talks about the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Upstate Medical University infectious disease specialist Stephen Thomas explains why COVID-19 booster shots are recommended. Syracuse University environmental epidemiologist Dave Larsen discusses the value of wastewater surveillance during the pandemic.
  • Public health experts, Telisa Stewart and Chris Morley discuss the surge of the coronavirus delta variant. Pediatric infectious disease specialist Jana Shaw tells how unvaccinated students can return to school safely. Endocrinologist Ruth Weinstock shares a study on complications from type 2 diabetes.