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This week: Pharmacogenomics and balance disorders

Genetic variations can influence how drugs are processed by the body and what risks or problems some drugs might pose to certain individuals. Upstate's department of neurology offers a pharmacogenomics clinic, designed to assist people who are taking multiple medications or have had adverse reactions or inadequate responses to medications. Dr. Karen Albright and pharmacist Danielle DelVecchio tell what to expect at a typical patient visit to the clinic in this episode of "HealthLink on Air." Albright is an associate professor of neurology and of pharmacology, and DelVecchio is a clinical pharmacist in the department of neurology.

Also this week, doctors of physical therapy Rina Flatau and Maria Podbelski discuss the most common reasons people seek help from vestibular therapists. They also go over what to expect at a first appointment and how soon a patient may expect relief.

And, pediatric surgeon Mikki Kollisch gives a brief summary of how to prepare a child for surgery.

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