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This week: How the kidney waiting list works; dealing with patients with impaired consciousness; helping someone with cancer

New York state has more than 7,000 people waiting for kidney transplants. Transplant surgeon Reza Saidi explains how kidneys from deceased donors are allocated in this week's episode of “HealthLink on Air.” He goes over how people qualify to join a waiting list and how finding a living donor shortens the wait for a kidney transplant. Saidi is the chief of transplant services at Upstate.

Also on the show, philosopher and ethicist Syd Johnson addresses what social, medical and ethical obligations apply to people in a coma or with some other form of impaired consciousness. She shares insights from her new book, “The Ethics of Uncertainty: Entangled Ethical and Epistemic Risks in Disorders of Consciousness" as she explains impaired consciousness and the recent neuroscientific discoveries that are revealing more about these disorders. Johnson is an associate professor of bioethics and humanities at Upstate and an ethics consultant at Upstate University Hospital.

And Upstate Cancer Center psychologist Dorianne Eaves has advice on how to help someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

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