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This week: Pediatric milestones, checkpoint inhibitors, more

Upstate pediatrician Jenica O’Malley, DO, explains the recently revised milestones for babies and children. Pediatricians use a checklist of these milestones to spot delays in a child’s development. The milestones have been updated by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Also on the show, a clinical trial of patients with rectal cancer saw their cancer vanish after taking a new checkpoint inhibitor drug called Dostarlimab. Cancer doctors and their patients see the results as encouraging, even though the study involved only a few patients. Upstate oncologist Merima Ramovic, DO, explains how checkpoint inhibitors work and the promise of this medication going forward.

And Upstate chaplain Brigid Dunn tells how health caregivers have a regular chance to share their thoughts and feelings about their work lives through a program called the Schwartz rounds, which Upstate has offered for several years.

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