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This week: Pediatric milestones, checkpoint inhibitors, more

Upstate pediatrician Jenica O’Malley, DO, explains recently revised milestones for babies and children. Pediatricians use a checklist of these milestones to spot delays in a child’s development. The milestones have been updated by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Also on the show, a clinical trial of patients with rectal cancer saw their cancer vanish after taking a new checkpoint inhibitor drug called Dostarlimab. Cancer doctors and their patients see the results as encouraging, even though the study involved only a few patients. Upstate oncologist Merima Ramovic, DO, explains how checkpoint inhibitors work and the promise of this medication going forward.

And Upstate chaplain Brigid Dunn tells how and why health caregivers have a regular chance to share their thoughts and feelings about their work lives through a program called the Schwartz rounds, which Upstate has offered for several years.

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