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The United States is poised for the birth of a massive, lucrative, and promising new industry: offshore wind energy. Offshore wind represents one of the world’s sharpest knives in the fight against climate change. It’s also the first time truly massive companies have retooled their entire business models to train their sights at the climate problem.

And that last point raises sticky questions about how capitalism - which, you could argue, got us into this whole climate mess - could be the best path out of the worst impacts of climate change.

"Windfall" from NHPR’s award-winning podcast "Outside/In" investigates the launch of this brand new American industry, the political chicanery that has delayed it, and how past failures define future success at a time when the government is poised to take real action on climate change. Ultimately, this is a story about power: who has power, where does it come from, and who benefits.

"Windfall" is a special series from "Outside/In," a show about the natural world and how we use it, produced by New Hampshire Public Radio.

Listen Sunday, August 8 at 7 p.m. on WRVO, on-air and online.