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Breaking Ground: Military Children

Yi Chen
Sgt. Joseph Cieckiewicz picks up his son, Justus, after work. Military child development centers serve children as young as six weeks which is important for marines who work long, irregular hours, because they can be called to serve at a moment's notice

This week, we bring you Breaking Ground: Military Children. During more than a decade of war, tens of thousands of military children have watched and waited as a parent was deployed to conflict zones overseas. 

Now, with the Department of Defense confronting budget cuts, these children face an uncertain future. What will they do if the military chooses to shut down their schools? Will they have the support they need as their parents reintegrate into civilian life? What can we learn from these children, and what duty do we as a society owe them? 

Over the course of the program, we’ll introduce listeners to life on our nation’s military bases. We’ll hear directly from children about their hopes and struggles, and we’ll look at the schools that educate them – from infancy through high school graduation.

Joins us for Breaking Ground: Military Children Sunday, October 5 at 7:00 p.m. on WRVO Public Media.