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Our spring fundraiser is just one day away


You come to WRVO Public Media for in-depth coverage of the news of the day and unexpected stories that expand your knowledge of the world and satisfy your curiosity.

Think about just a few of the stories you’ve heard recently on WRVO:

  • Daniel Zwerdling’s series on nursing and workplace injury: Zwerdling investigated what kind of injuries (and how many) nurses sustain on the job, proper techniques, how hospitals handle nurse injuries and new developments which hope to reduce injury.
  • Ryan Delaney’s reporting on inaccessible Syracuse homes and the struggle some have to cope with aging homes and the hardships that come with physical disability
  • Susan Stamberg’s coverage of fine art: Stamberg has been traveling across the country (and the world) bringing famed masterpieces to the ears of NPR listeners. Most recently with the story of an art dealer who sold European masterpieces, or with an esteemed Edouard Manet exhibit in Los Angeles.

Your gift of $60, $120, $200, or any amount that’s right for you, adds up to just pennies for each hour you listen to WRVO. Assign a dollar amount to the listening you do each day.

Our spring fundraiser begins tomorrow, Wednesday, March 11. Your secure online pledge today will help us jump start the campaign. We had a successful silent campaign in February, over $75,000 in donations, and we are now able to eliminate over three days time from our on-air drive. 

Your support in February helped us make our fundraiser short and sweet, but we’re not done yet. Donating during our fundraiser will enable WRVO to keep bringing you the voices and sounds that take you where news is happening, stories that deepen your understanding of complex issues, new perspectives, and quirky stories that delight and surprise you.

As a life-long learner who values in-depth news and enjoys discovering fresh insights, please consider how much you value WRVO and make a gift today.

Thanks so much for listening, and for your continued support.

Ways to donate:

Call (800) 341-3690 or make a secure online contribution. You can also mail checks to WRVO Public Media, 7060 State Route 104, Oswego, New York, 13126 -- please make checks payable to: WRVO Public Media.