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Streaming problems on mobile devices

WRVO is experiencing some difficulties with our online player, specifically on mobile devices. If you're trying to listen on our homepage or while browsing news stories, you may not be able to hear any of our streams. Our stream providers are aware of this issue and are working through it, but in the meantime, you have many other options that will allow you to listen to WRVO without any issues.

Our online player is still working if you're using a desktop computer. We also have a Flash-based player that is still supported. Alternatively, if you would still like to use your mobile device, you can just download the WRVO app with the following links: it's free and available for both Apple and Android devices -- including tablets.

You can also use direct links to our streams. These will open in your computer's default audio player, or you can insert these links into iTunes. Use only the URL within the brackets.

WRVO 1: [http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/WRVOFM.mp3]

WRVO 2: [http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/WRVOHD2.mp3]

WRVO 3: [http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/WRVOHD3.mp3]

If you have any other unexplainable issues streaming WRVO, especially with internet radios or other aggregators, feel free to contact engineering at any time. We're more than happy to work through these issues with you! Thanks for listening!