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In the Dark, Part 3: The One Who Got Away

This program contains material that some listeners may find disturbing.

This week, the story of Jared Scheierl, who was abducted by the same man who killed Jacob just a few months before Jacob disappeared. It tells how Jared learned that other boys in the town of Paynesville had been grabbed and molested by a man who sounded similar, and how he and those boys came together as adults to try to track that man down. Afterward, reporters discuss Jared's doubts about some details of Danny Heinrich's confession, and explore whether Heinrich continued to attack children in the years he was free.

Tune in this Sunday on WRVO, February 12 at 7 p.m. Or if you can't catch it live, listen online.

About the series

"In the Dark" examines how law enforcement handled the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year-old Minnesota boy. The case went unsolved for nearly 27 years. The series will reveal the sweeping consequences of the case: the creation of the federal sex offender registry, a community damaged by law enforcement mistakes and the devastating effects of publicly labeling a man a "person of interest.