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Have you donated to support WRVO lately?


Thanks to you, our listeners and members, we're on our way to meeting our goal for this spring -- $180,000 in donations. So far, we've raised about $20,000 in February, ahead of our spring fundraiser in March. It's a great start! And we're so happy to hear from listeners who value our service enough to donate.

Did you know that in early February we sent out letters to a very specific group of listeners? These were listeners who had given at some point in the past couple of years and then chose not to in the year 2016. We reached out to remind them that we're still here! And we're still providing the NPR News and regional content they've come to rely on. We've heard from many of these past members who have now renewed and are continuing their relationship with WRVO.

We thank all of those members and encourage you to do the same. There's still time to contribute ahead of the spring fundraiser, still time to support our local reporters, still time to take your public radio station into 2017 with a solid footing -- still time to become a member.

Why not donate today? Join your fellow listeners and supporters of WRVO.

We're excited to keep this momentum going through the month of February. Here's to a successful spring fundraiser!

Unsure if you're a member? You can contact us anytime to see how much you're donating, when you last donated or to learn more about our membership options. Call (800) 341-3690 or email us.