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The calm before the storm: Thanks for your help during Foneless February!

Flickr CC by 2.0: http://bit.ly/2luKD1Z

Yesterday was the final day of Foneless February. That means spring is just around the corner, but it also means that for the past 28 days, WRVO asked for your contribution ahead of the on-air fundraiser without interrupting programming -- and you responded!

We heard from many past donors, new listeners and current members. Some of you donated for the breaking news coverage from NPR that's often available live on WRVO. Some of you donated because you need to know what's happening in your neck of the woods and appreciate coverage of Syracuse, the Mohawk Valley, or Oswego from reporters like Tom Magnarelli, Ellen Abbott and Payne Horning. Some of you donated for our robust schedule of programs that entertain, inform and educate.

There are more reasons to donate to WRVO than we can count. Our fundraiser begins this Saturday and although we're blown away by the fact that we raised about $70,000 in February -- our goal for the spring fundraiser is $180,000. We still need to hear from listeners and members to make that goal a reality.

If you haven't donated before (or haven't donated in some time), why not reach out and support your local public radio station?

It's up to you -- donate today.