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Writing out of trouble, from 'Re:sound'

Fredrik Rubensson

This week on "Re:sound," from the Third Coast Audio Festival, two stories of love through loss. We'll also enjoy an interview with the producers who've written their way through these troubled moments. Tune in for:

The Updates by Sophie Townsend with Sound Engineer Louis Mitchell. (360documentaries, ABC RN 2014)

When Sophie Townsend’s husband Russell was diagnosed with lung cancer, she became the family spokesperson, a task she found endless, difficult and confronting. People’s questions about his sickness left her reeling, because the news she had to give them was never good. Soon she started the Russell Updates, a weekly email that laid it all bare for friends and family. The updates were not just a way to keep everyone informed, but Sophie’s way of working things out in her own head, and keeping herself afloat.

Note: Sophie's updates are read by Gabrielle Rogers.

ASK ME by Sara Brooke Curtis (Unfictional, KCRW 2016)

Sara spent her days riding buses and walking the beach alone, thinking of someone who wasn't there. In time, she found an unlikely stranger to share her thoughts with, and help her grieve.

Join us this Sunday night, July 9 at 7 on WRVO for "Re:sound." If you missed the live show, you can also hear it archived online. This is the second-to-last episode in this season of "Re:sound," so be sure to catch the last episode next Sunday.