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Health Foundation for Western and Central New York supports health reporting and programming on WRVO

For the past six years, the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York has supported health and wellness programming on WRVO. While the vehicle has changed over the years, from community forums to weekly shows and hour-long specials, they’ve been committed to supporting our effects to bring listeners the latest in health and wellness news that affects your community and your life.

We have exciting news for 2018: The Health Foundation has again renewed their support of this important subject matter and has done so in a new, innovative way.

This year, WRVO has received support to continue “Take Care,” our award-winning health and wellness program, in a new, longer format. Additionally, the Health Foundation is now supporting health-specific news reporting on WRVO.

The “Take Care” production team, reporters and staff at WRVO are excited about this new facet of our partnership with the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York. Some of the most poignant and important local news stories surround issues of health care: vulnerable populations; our youngest and oldest citizens; changes in health policy; and developments in medicine, science and medical technology. We’ll be doing our best to bring you those stories on-air and via the web in the year to come.

What does this mean for “Take Care?” Our health and wellness show will now be delivered in an hour-long format, 12 times this year. We’ll still be covering interesting health topics; we’ll just be doing it in a new way. We hope this format will allow us to bring you more detailed health information, more conversations with those affected by changes in their own health, and more from researchers and scientists on the front lines of developments in healthcare.

Our first show is airing this weekend! We’re exploring the theme of “giving” from a health and wellness perspective. You’ll hear from:

You can tune in this Sunday, February 4 at 7 p.m. Around that time, the audio will also be available online and on iTunes (you can subscribe to the "Take Care" podcast there).
It’s going to be a successful year at WRVO, thanks in part to the generous support of the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more!