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Removing barriers to health


Health and wellness isn't a right for all people. For many of us, it's a privilege. Whether the issue is cost, transportation, resources or red tape -- many things can get in the way of living a long, health life. This time on "Take Care," we speak to people who are trying to remove these barriers.

First, we take a look at services currently offered for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc New York operates across the state with 52 local chapters serving 60,000 citizens. Tania Seaburg, chief policy and operations officer, joins us to discuss their overall goal and some of their specific programs in employment.

President and Chief Executive Officer at AMGA, Dr. Jerry Penso, also joins us on this episode to share his thoughts on measuring and reporting quality. While some level of reporting at hospitals and health care clinics is necessary, he explains why measuring quality can actually be a barrier to improving it. We'll explore how we define quality health care today and how these measures improve (or don't improve) patient care.

We take some time during this show to discuss a shocking health disparity. People with mental illness die sooner than those without, according to Dr. Dhruv Khullar, and it's not because of their underlying mental health problems. It's because they don't get treatment as quickly, he explains, and their physical symptoms are often attributed to their mental illness. More on this, and ways to fix the disparity, on the show.

Oklahoma Medicaid is in the beginning stages of a new drug pricing experiment. We'll speak to StateImpact Oklahoma Reporter Jackie Fortier about the program and how it's expected to unfold.

Ellen Abbott brings us a report from Syracuse where the YMCA of Greater Syracuse and other groups are working to provide health care in a less-than-traditional way for those who need it most.

And for the latest in health: How the growth of telemedicine is stunted because of regulation and what can be done to make health care accessible across state and country lines. We'll speak with Dr. Amar Gupta, principal investigator and coordinator in the telemedicine and virtual teams at MIT.

Join us Sunday, August 19 at 7 p.m. and Friday, Aubust 31 at 1 p.m. for "Take Care" on WRVO.