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'End Of Roe: A national call-in from WNYC' airs Thursday, May 12

Let’s all get together to talk, and to listen

Last week’s leaked document has the country thinking about and planning for life in America after Roe, and what kind of country we are without it.

Join WNYC for a national call-in special Thursday evening. Brian Lehrer will host with guests Errin Haines, from The 19th, the independent newsroom with a lens on gender, politics, and policy, andJessica Bruder, author of Nomadland, and the recent Atlantic cover story, “The Abortion Underground.”

The aim for the hour will be an inclusive, good-faith conversation in which we hear from a broad array of listeners from different regions and different points of view.

We know that in a post-Roe America there will be vast inequities between the women who can still exercise a choice and those who can’t. What will happen? What do we already know from the dynamics between states that have very restrictive laws now and those that don’t?

Listen to "End of Roe: A national call-in from WNYC" on-air and online on Thursday, May 12 at 8 p.m on WRVO Public Media.