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The Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse has rebounded from a financial crisis, and is now celebrating its 50th anniversary with a variety of new exhibits and an ambitious capital campaign. This week, Grant Reeher speaks with Elizabeth Dunbar, Executive Director of the Everson. They discuss the turnaround and the current situation, and the museum's place in the cultural life of the Syracuse region. 

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The Everson Museum in Syracuse has hired a new curator of art and programs. One of his goals is to bring more community involvement to the museum to continue a shake-up of the institution.

Two years ago, the Everson faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in deficits, canceled two traveling exhibitions and saw their executive director move to the Newark Museum in New Jersey. Since then, the Everson has hired a new executive director and now D.J. Hellerman, curator of Burlington City Arts in Vermont, will be filling an open curatorial role.

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The Everson Museum is showing a black and white street photography exhibition by the late Helen Levitt, a photographer who was based out of New York City. The museum teamed up with Syracuse University to get students in the Syracuse City School District to display their own street photography that reflects where they live.

Last December, the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse hired a new executive director, Elizabeth Dunbar.  She inherited a difficult financial situation, and has been serving double duty as the museum's temporary curator.  Host Grant Reeher engages her in a discussion of the challenges facing the museum, her strategies for renewed financial and artistic vibrancy, and the cultural function of an art museum in a small city. 

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Through its Engage CNY initiative, the non-profit organization CNY Arts has recently completed a thorough inventory and survey of the arts, and of citizens' views and preferences about arts and culture in the Central New York region.  In this edition of the Campbell Conversations, Grant Reeher speaks with Stephen Butler, the executive director of CNY Arts, about the findings, and about the plan that has been developed in light of them.  They also discuss the Syracuse Symphony and the Everson Museum.

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The Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse has canceled two big exhibits in 2014 in an effort to stymie a large operating budget.

The museum lost $135,000 in 2013. Even by canceling two traveling exhibits slated for April and October, the museum’s leadership still predicts being in the red a total of $500,000 by the end of 2014.

The decision to cancel the exhibits was made at a board meeting this week. Had they not aborted on the two exhibits, the estimated deficit would have been $750,000.

Looking at video games as art

Nov 8, 2013
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A new exhibition at the Everson Museum examines the 40 year evolution of video games as an art form. The unusual exhibit showcases the technology, culture and the different traditional types of art in video games.

The sounds of an arcade echo throughout the galleries of the Everson Museum. From Atari's Space Invaders to the immersive environment of Playstation 3's Flower, where the player is the wind, "The Art of Video Games" features 80 games that tell the history of the medium.

Restoration planned for Stickley House

Jan 21, 2013
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A $500,000 New York State Historic Preservation grant was awarded to the Everson Museum to restore the Gustav Stickley House in Syracuse. Those involved with the restoration are hoping it will attract fans of the Arts and Crafts Movement to the area.  

A new era will soon begin in the life of the OnCenter in downtown Syracuse. A national management group will take over the operation of the convention center and some other downtown venues.

SMG, a private firm out of Philadelphia, will be responsible for booking events at the OnCenter, the War Memorial, the Civic Center, Alliance Bank Stadium, and the Everson Museum.