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Inspire others with your WRVO testimonial

We welcome our listeners to share their stories and experiences with WRVO. Your voices and words have the incredible ability to ignite inspiration and motivation within others, encouraging their support for public radio and WRVO.

Testimonials play a vital role on our website, in printed materials, and on air. By submitting a testimonial in any format, you grant WRVO permission to utilize your message and/or voice in manners that align with our mission. Our sole aim is to spotlight WRVO to our audience, attracting new members and fostering financial support.

How to submit a testimonial:

  • Call our Membership line anytime and leave a voicemail at (315) 312-1049. Prepare your thoughts beforehand, and refer to the "Testimonial Format and Questions" section below for guidance on what to address.

Alternatively, you can provide a self-recorded testimonial.

Should you choose this approach, feel free to use your own recording device to capture your testimonial. You can submit your recording on CD or as a computer file. For instructions on using an iPhone or Android app to record, refer to the step-by-step guides below. Your final recording can be dropped off at the station or mailed to WRVO, 7060 State Route 104, Oswego, NY 13126. MP3 files can also be emailed to us at feedback@wrvo.org.

Testimonial format and questions

Initiate your recording by saying one of the following statements:

  • "My name is <your name> and I'm a supporter of WRVO Public Media because...."

If you're a sustaining member, please use the following statement:

  • "My name is <your name> and I'm a sustaining member of WRVO Public Media because...."

Continue your recording by sharing how WRVO impacts your life, why you believe supporting public radio is crucial, and why you choose to be a sustaining member (if applicable).

For clarity, it's best to keep each thought distinct and concise. Introduce a brief pause between your ideas.

Using your iPhone to record your testimonial

Your iPhone includes a built-in app named "Voice Memos" that enables voice recording. Find a quiet setting (a closet is ideal), initiate the app, and press the record button.

  1. Open the Memo app.
  2. Press the Record button (red circle).
  3. Record your testimonial.
  4. Press the record button again to stop.
  5. Give your recording a name.
  6. Open the new recording.
  7. Press the Share icon.
  8. Find your mail app icon and press it.
  9. Address the email, feedback@wrvo.org.
  10. Give your email the subject line "My Testimonial."
  11. Press "Send."

Recording a testimonial with an Android voice recorder app

  1. The latest version of the Android operating system does not have a built-in voice recorder. You can find one on the Google Play store such as "Voice Recorder."
  2. Open the Voice Recorder app.
  3. When you are ready to record, hit the red record button.
  4. Press stop when you are done.
  5. Click on play to review your recording.
  6. If you are ready to send in your testimonial click on the share button on the top right of the recording.
  7. Click on your mail icon.
  8. Send your mp3 recording to feedback@wrvo.org with the subject line, "My Testimonial."

Thank you for your time and support of WRVO!

Copy & image credit: Member Station KCBX