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Police warn drivers: school speed zones in effect, more school buses on roads

Tom Magnarelli
WRVO News File Photo
Onondaga County Sheriff Gene Conway (left) in North Syracuse.

Many students are returning back to school this week and law enforcement in central New York is issuing a reminder for drivers to stay alert. Drivers can expect more school buses on the road and school speed zones to be in effect.

Onondaga County Sheriff Gene Conway said the beginning of school marks an exciting and dangerous time for students. He said drivers need to pay attention to the speed limit in school zones. 

“Speeding through school zones is probably the most prevalent situation we encounter," Conway said. "Even though we have warning lights, we have signage; we still don’t have people in that mindset coming off of summer that school is now open.”

More police are expected to be in school zones and residential areas in the first couple weeks of school. Law enforcement wants drivers to be aware of where school bus stops are, as they receive complaints of people driving too fast and not stopping fully at stop signs.

Conway said another big issue is drivers passing school buses that are dropping off and picking up students.

“The yellow lights, as soon as they go on, people should be preparing themselves to stop well in advance,” Conway said.

Town of Cicero Police Chief Joseph Snell said another problem is drivers speeding by school bus stops.

"We get a lot of complaints of people driving, I wouldn't say recklessly, but a little bit too fast, maybe doing the California stop through a stop sign instead of completely stopping," Snell said. "We encourage all residents to know where your school stops are so that they know the kids are going to be there."

In addition to yellow school buses, drivers should also be aware that students in the city of Syracuse are being transported to school on Centro buses.