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The Dialer podcast, from Tuned to Yesterday
Podcast Announcement: The TTY Dialer is currently on hiatus. We're redeveloping the podcast at this time. We will maintain the current archive of every episode, so feel free to listen to episodes you haven't heard. We'll share details of the 'Dialer going forward on this page when available. Thanks for listening! The Tuned to Yesterday Dialer podcast is here to enhance your listening to Tuned to Yesterday during the week. You'll hear about what's coming up on the air and stories of the shows and performers who brought the radio to life during its golden age.Best listened to on Sundays, the TTY Dialer features a living schedule and date specific stories and commentary about radio's yesteryear from Tuned to Yesterday host Mark Lavonier.

TTY Dialer Podcast #50

It's the fiftieth episode of the Tuned to Yesterday Dialer podcast for the week of October 16 - 21, 2017.

In this episode: To celebrate the milestone of fifty podcasts, you'll hear the story of a milestone in radio drama, followed by the complete broadcast of "Sorry, Wrong Number."