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WRVO Public Media is now available on-air, online, on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. You can find our free mobile app in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play. You can also simply search for 'WRVO' wherever you find apps on your device. WRVO is also available on most smart speakers -- like the Echo and Google Home.

If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, you can still enjoy WRVO with this flash-based player.


WRVO Public Media app for your Apple device

WRVO Public Media app for your Android device

Flash-based WRVO Public Media app for your desktop

A key advantage of these devices is they bring you WRVO Public Media in all of its forms no matter where you are in the world (as long as you have cellular access and/or access to the Internet).

We also have direct links available for each stream (use only the URL within the brackets):

WRVO 1: []

WRVO 2: []

WRVO 3: []

For more information about WRVO mobile options available to you, contact Jeff Windsor, Director of Technical Operations at (315) 312-3690.

WRVO's app allows you to access regional and national news as well as your favorite programs on demand.
Credit WRVO Public Media / Public Media Apps

More about our streams:

In addition to WRVO-1, the NPR news and entertainment station heard across central and northern New York, you can select from WRVO-2: PRX Remix, a continuous stream of the best independent radio productions and found sound; and WRVO-3, our English language stream of programs from the BBC.

More about our free app:

The WRVO Public Media app has many useful features: local content is displayed on the homepage (easily accessible),  you can rewind the program you are listening to to repeat a segment you missed or did not understand, you can set an alarm to wake up to your favorite public radio show, you can donate directly to the station (while listening), you can find archived episodes of local and national programming, you can find which MemberCard benefit providers are close to you, and much more. The WRVO app for a tablet takes that a step further by offering you the option to browse our website while listening.