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The Heidi Allen Case: Central New York's Most Enduring Mystery

This series explores the disappearance of Heidi Allen. It's a case that began decades ago, but has left the residents of central New York with many unanswered questions. As "The Heidi Allen Case" continues, you'll hear from different people whose lives were changed permanently as a result of Heidi's kidnapping -- starting from the beginning.

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Ryan Zalduondo, a senior at SUNY Oswego, is your host. Zalduondo only learned about the Heidi Allen case a year and a half ago, on a trip to the North Country with a fellow student. As they passed the site of the gas station where Heidi was abducted 25 years ago, Zalduondo became interested in learning more about the events and their impact on the region. This series is the result.

Latest Episodes
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  • Gary Thibodeau was convicted of kidnapping Heidi Allen in 1995, and his appeals ran out in 1999. Things appeared bleak for all parties involved as time…
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  • The Easter Sunday disappearance of 18-year-year old Heidi Allen from a gas station convenience store gripped the central New York community and has…
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