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This week: Sports betting and compulsive behavior, TMJ overview, lead poisoning

During the first three months that online sports betting has been allowed in New York state, cumulative bets have totaled more than $4 billion. Is there a downside to gambling becoming so easy and accessible? Dr. Sunny Aslam addresses this concern in this episode of “HealthLink on Air.” He’s a psychiatrist at Upstate who specializes in addiction medicine.

Also on the show, tenderness in the jaw, trouble chewing, and aching pain in and around the ear are all symptoms of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, dysfunction. Scott Hoskins goes over TMJ's symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. He is a doctor of physical therapy at Upstate.

And, one of the worst lead-poisoning crises in America is in Syracuse, where the county health department reports up to one in five children in some of the lowest-income neighborhoods have elevated levels of lead in their blood. Dr. Travis Hobart explains why lead is so dangerous to children and what's being done to reduce exposure. He is a pediatrician at Upstate and the medical director of the Central and Eastern New York Lead Poisoning Resource Center.

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