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Do you recharge to stay healthy?

Luke Jones

What keeps you going each and every day? It could be your head hitting the pillow each night, a yearly vacation or a job with fantastic health and wellness perks. How do we recharge? And what’s the best way to maintain these periods of rest in a world where we’re never far from our work or other issues? This time on “Take Care,” we explore the concept of recharging, whether it’s sleeping a full eight hours a night or disconnecting over the weekend.

First, our relationship with sleep. We ask what the requirements are for getting a good night’s rest and what you should expect from your mind and your body if you’re struggling to get enough sleep. Dr. Jeanne Duffy, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School joins us to discuss.

If your upcoming vacation is the only thing keeping you going, stay with us as we chat with Alice Boyes, author of “The Health Mind Toolkit” and “The Anxiety Toolkit.” We’ll take some time to break down the “mental reset.” More on what weekends, vacations, breaks and mental health days provide and why we need a reset to begin with.

From upstate New York, Ellen Abbott joins us to share some workplace wellness programs in the area that provide employees benefits like health monitoring and other perks. Then, we get the other side of the story, with Julie Appleby, senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News. She feels that workplace wellness programs are missing the mark in many instances and shares her findings.

For the latest in health, the case for doing nothing – or niksen, as the Dutch call it. Writer Olga Mecking is with us to share why spacing out has its own benefits.

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