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  • As we close out our special series celebrating 20 years of StoryCorps, hear how our One Small Step initiative is helping to facilitate a national conversation by bringing people together from across the political spectrum.
  • This week, we're taking a break from our special series celebrating 20 years of StoryCorps to bring you an interview recorded just days ago. It's an update to a story recorded around the holidays back in 2012, and we just had to share it.
  • Mary Johnson-Roy first came to StoryCorps in 2011 to speak with Oshea Israel, the man who murdered her son. In the latest episode from our special series celebrating StoryCorps' 20th anniversary, we'll share updates on a conversation none of us imagined would happen back when StoryCorps started.
  • StoryCorps' initiatives have long helped us gather voices that are usually omitted from the historical record, like our LGBTQ+ Outloud initiative. In our continuing celebration of twenty years of StoryCorps, we're sharing some of our favorite recordings from that collection... and how a story close to our founder Dave Isay's heart helped lead to its creation.
  • For most of StoryCorps' existence, we've recorded people in person at our storybooths. But on this episode of our special series celebrating 20 years of StoryCorps, we're looking back to when we stepped outside the recording booth to capture stories. Sometimes because we wanted to hear new voices... and sometimes because we had to.
  • As we celebrate StoryCorps' 20th anniversary, we bring you the story of a man who integrated his high school as a teenager in Knoxville, Tennessee, and how a StoryCorps listener comment helped him reckon with his past five decades later.
  • In the third episode of our special series celebrating two decades of StoryCorps, we're bringing you inside the Mobile Booth—the recording studio we built in a trailer to circle the country, capturing voices that would otherwise never be recorded. Hear some of our favorite stories from the road, and from the people who haul the trailer on a never-ending road trip.
  • As we continue celebrating StoryCorps' 20th anniversary, we bring you two of our favorite stories that made a strong impression on our listeners, and we share updates with the participants from the last two decades.
  • In this episode, we go back 20 years to the origins of StoryCorps–the challenges of building a recording booth in Grand Central Terminal– and we catch up with the participants from the first ever radio story we broadcast on NPR.
  • As StoryCorps' 20th anniversary approaches, we'll be looking back at important moments both in our history and the country's. This week — one more short story from our Military Voices Initiative. Sergeant Ocean Subiono tells his father, Russell Subiono, about what happened when he tried to enlist.
  • In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, StoryCorps will be revisiting some of our most memorable conversations from the past two decades. This week, we announce an upcoming special series with this short story from our Military Voices Initiative.
  • There are people who help us at every stage of life –– from the moment we're born to our last breath. But at the end, who's helping us when we're gone? On the season finale of the StoryCorps Podcast, twin mortician brothers look back on a life of caring for the dead.