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tom o'toole

  • Remote Deposit Capture
    In this episode, Jackie and Tom talk about an increasingly popular service in banking commonly known as, "remote deposit capture".
  • In this episode, Jackie and Tom talk about the integration of smartphones in our society and how they relate to banking.
  • Cyber Fraud
    In this episode, Jackie and Tom talk about the most common types of cyber, or computer related fraud and share some simple steps you can take to protect…
  • Financial Frauds and Scams
    There are many scams and instances of fraud that can easily trick a consumer into having their money stolen. In this episode, Tom and Jackie share stories…
  • Building Good Credit
    Tom and Jackie share some tips on how to build good credit, including how traditional advice on 'ditching your credit card' may not be the best idea.
  • Gift cards are a staple gift for many occasions, but many consumers can easily become a victim of gift card fraud. In this episode, Jackie and Tom share…
  • Financial Literacy
    Tom and Jackie discuss the importance of gaining a sense of financial literacy at a young age, and some ways Compass Credit Union has developed tools that…