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New report highlights concerns over Syracuse area roads

Ellen Abbott
WRVO News (file photo)

A new study shows roads in the Syracuse area are in major need of improvement, and it’s having a negative effect on central New Yorkers’ safety and wallets.

The National Transportation Research Nonprofit TRIP said the average driver in the Syracuse area is losing about $1,600 each year from driving on roads that are deteriorated, congested, or lacking adequate safety features. The study also shows 32 percent of major roadways in the area are rated in poor condition.

Rocky Moretti from TRIP said the study’s results are concerning.

"The quality of the transportation system is very vital to New York's economy,” said Moretti. “Approximately a trillion dollars of goods are shipped in and out of the state."

Elizabeth Carey from AAA said in addition to causing delays and vehicle damage, deteriorating roads present serious safety issues.

"Hitting a pothole, or taking the wrong measures to avoid one and swerving because motorists are so concerned over this, can cause a crash and also personal injuries," said Carey.

Moretti said while parts of the report are bleak, there are also some positive findings.

Over the past three years, New York state has increased its investment in improving roads, highways, and bridges by 37 percent. He’s also hopeful that federal funding from the Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act will help to improve road deficiencies in central New York.