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Volney gets federal funding to build new water main

Joe Shlabotnik

The Oswego County town of Volney will receive about $2 million in federal grants and loans to help build new water lines for about 100 homes and get them on the public water system.

Town Supervisor Dennis Lockwood says right now those residents are using wells, which don't always provide the cleanest water.

"Not everybody has good wells up here," Lockwood explained. "You think you do, but when they're tested, they're not, you know. It's not always the bacteria. They might have a high salt count or a high iron count. Their fixtures in their homes turn brown and stuff like that."

Lockwood says all those problems will go away once the project is complete. He says the new water main project will start sometime early next summer and take between three and four months.

He also says the timetable could change, depending on factors like how long it takes engineers to come up with the plans and for the town to complete the contractor bidding process.

"They'll start doing the groundwork on it right away, but then the actual drawings, they'll probably work on them during the winter," Lockwood said.

The money comes from the USDA's Office of Rural Development, which provides grants and loans to communities to make infrastructure improvements.